Work with us.

We are Karina and Lucas, a pilot and a photographer we have passion for the globe and capturing our adventures.

We created Nomadswithrings in the summer of 2019, after building our skills while traveling the world. we offering a high end travel or brand content, photography. videography, cinemographs, stories and post designs,

Create beautiful and creative content to you brand using our passions.

Why us.

We offer you original, creative, high end editing, personal, and professional content. including photography, videography, cinemagraph, post writing, post and stories designs and so much more depends on your needs 


We have a great community of followers that keeps growing every, and our goal is to inspire people and help them follow their dreams and passions. We love interacting with our followers in stories and posts, and they trust our recommendations.


We use our personal story and skills to create unique content with a personal touch.


Depending on your needing and our values & interests, we are open to every discussions to find the perfect way the conclude our collaboration.


We are open for long-term partnerships, and will be happy to maintain a constant support with your brand / company.



what we offering

  • Brand photography and videography.

  • Brand ambassadorships.

  • Social media promotions.

  • Accommodations photography and videography.

  • Press trips and destination marketing campaigns.

  • Review on accommodations, restaurants, products and apps.

  • Original and viral content. for brands and accommodations





for more information media kit and portfolio connect with us.